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What are Play To Earn Games?

A play to earn game is a game that rewards players with real or digital products for spending time on their game.

 Are play to earn games really worth it? There are much plays to earn games available to play for free however the majority of games are not worth the player’s time as they commonly provide small valued rewards.

How do “play to earn” games developers make money? The game producers make money from advertisers usually in the form of other game advertisements or silly online casino advertisements. Gamers have always been interested in getting rewarded for games they play and for years they have been collecting in game points and all sorts of trophies for reaching certain levels.

There are even games out there now providing cryptocurrency as a reward. Cryptocurrency games are usually called faucets. The only challenge I faced is the games were not worth playing as they hardly ever give you anything you can actually spend, usually the amount they give you is so small it is a waste of time. Another really annoying thing about play to earn games is the game maker makes you watch long boring advertisements where they make money. In addition to small prizes, long advertisements also force you to reach a certain amount of credits before you can withdraw.

What is the best play to earn game? Recently I was invited to participate in a new play to earn game called Prize Strike. It is available for early registration now and you can ask to be part of the beta rollout. The game involves AR which is really cool and the game objective is a real life treasure hunt. I liked a few different features in regards to the prizes. I was amazed as it has real prizes in the format of gift cards and even some real products.They only have short advertisements which is much better than the lengthy boring advertisements most “play to earn” games make you watch. I would rather play a game that I enjoy and be rewarded for playing than to sit through boring advertisements. Prize strike also tailors prizes to your profile so if you love horse riding and music you can select your preference of prizes that can be earned. Early registration is open now and its free to sign up at

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