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Play High-end games and Low-end Smartphones

The gaming industry is rapidly growing these days. Many console parts are making their ways to the Android platform. Now a days all the games which has been developed has more graphics which results in lagging of these games in low end smartphones hence it is required to upgrade your smartphones with better system requirements.

With the rapid advancement in the gaming industry, we are having compatible devices for playing games like low end devices and high-end devices.

Android phones games

Low end Devices

As name says Low end devices consist of older OS version low end processors and low graphics and mobile networks will be max 3G rather 4G, low memory or phones with memory cards slot not greater than 2 or 3GB and hence are quite cheap (in other words affordable for everyone.

High end devices

High end devices are basically featured with latest attributes and advanced technology. These devices are also known as flagship devices and are among the best category.

Low end vs high end phones

Low end phone is said to be when the phone has less features with the low-end processing capacity with low quality and high-end phone is said when the phone is loaded with lots of feature, high capacity and best quality.

What does a high-end game means?

High end games means that it requires a good processor to run at playable FPS and very graphic detailed settings. Another definition that would fit the term is a game that was developed by a well-known and established developer or producer like EA, Ubisoft, Valve, Rockstar games etc. High end games also mean that these game development companies have good amount of budget to get this game developed and they do pretty good marketing as well. But usually, when talking about hardware, a high end or AAA games means a game that requires a powerful system to be played well. Sone of such games are GTA 5, Pubg Mobile Mod Apk, Assassin’s Creed and so on .

What does low end game means?

Low end game on PCs and Android phones basically way cheap component with the purpose of saving money.

Low end smartphones usually have 4GB or less RAM and there won’t be assigned GPU’s for the performance (they use the much less powerful integrated graphics) and have passive cooling (only 1 fan) and a low capacity 5400 RPM hard drive. They’re good for home don’t expect too much from them.

Ways to play High end games on low end android smartphone

In order to optimise gaming performance of your android smartphone here are some ways which can tackle such issues.

By increasing the performance of android phone

  • By killing applications running in the background.
  • Disabling unnecessary applications.
  • Clearing cache or junk data.
  • Upgrading to class 10 SD card.
  • Scanning for viruses.

Some essential tools are


GLTool is a custom OpenGLEs driver . This utility simply lets you tweak your OpenGLEs settings ie let you change the size of the texture, changing the result, forcing MSAA, optimise shaders.

2.ChainFire 3D

Chain Fire 3D is similar to GLTool . It will do all the things that GLTool can. But this will only work up with Android 2.3.6 (gingerbread). You should go with the GLTools if you have higher version of Android.


Another great piece of software. Seeder fires the lag caused by Android’s user interface. Seeder rebuilds the entropy data, which dries over time and cause performance delays. So, if you are tired of delays during switching between applications or when accessing applications, it will patch those problems.

4.Freezing background applications

There are some applications that can freeze those background applications. Some great options are

  • App quarantine
  • Titanium backup

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