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IMVU Social Game : A place to share experience and get to know others

IMVU has changed the world of social networking. In this changing online and social networking scenario, IMVU 3D avatar social game and virtual world is currently trending.

The advent of the internet has changed the way the world functions and interacts. There is a sea change in social community. Social media users have become more aware of who they communicate with and have improved their connections with people more creatively. They find online social networking world of IMVU more interesting than the dull act of scrolling through family and friend’s page and what they are up to.

This arises the need for interest-based social networking apps that are the game changers today. IMVU unmistakably tops the arena of being the world no. 1 and the largest in the 3D world. This program allows you to meet millions of new people and also helps in customizing your virtual looks, that too for free. IMVU helps you lead a virtual life by choosing your avatar and leading your life of dreams.

IMVU experience is available to you in iOS and android app, web as well as desktop app. IMVU is the only social community available that is based on users who have chosen what they want to be. Users get to customize their highly stylized avatars and create an almost face-to-face relationship with anyone around the world.

Experiences of IMVU

With IMVU, you are free to choose a variety of experiences and exclusive features:

Customized Embodiment:

With IMVU, you now get to choose the life you desire and can work around it yourself. With the exclusive 3D avatar creator, you can now design your looks and change appearances from stylish, weird, sexy, hot or crazy as and when you please. Whatever your style needs are, you can now transform your avatar without actually batting an eyelid!

Chat Lobby

Connect and chat with your friends or gamers near or far within the chat lobby. Rather than mere instant messaging, chat lobby offers you avatar chat features where you can shake hands with or even hug another avatar.

Virtual living

Whether you wish to gather with your friends online, or you are in need of love, IMVU helps you role-play your life and aids you in leading a world of fantasy. You can build your own fascinating fantasy story or you can enjoy a social and VR game with your friends. The choice is yours!

Options Galore

Virtual chat in IMVU gives you access to a plethora of emotes, emojis and functions. When in the middle of a conversation, you can add filters or send pictures, along with posing a conversation when you want to.

Communicate your Experience

With IMVU, you are entitled to a wonderful news platform where you can socialize and share your experience with millions of users. IMVU enables you to develop bonding, creates pleasant memories and also gives you the opportunity to interact with millions of people, which would otherwise be close to impossible.

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