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What are Play To Earn Games?

Prize Strike

A play to earn game is a game that rewards players with real or digital products for spending time on their game.  Are play to earn games really worth it? There are much plays to earn games available to play for free however the majority of games are not worth the player’s time as they commonly provide small valued rewards. ...

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Let me Introduce the Game that can be Played on Mobile

Mobile Graph Games

We all like to play a game but we may not be aware of it when it comes to the game of Let me introduce the game that can be played on mobile phones. Why not play some games on your mobile phone when you go out? The cool thing about mobile phones is they allow us to be entertained ...

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How to be Good Graph Games

Graph Games

Mobile graph games are fast becoming the hottest and most exciting thing on the internet. They offer an exciting gaming experience for anyone, young or old, with a computer, a phone or a tablet. Mobile graph games usually offer graphic intensive action games. You can find them in many different categories. These include: One of the best examples of this ...

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pictures on the co-players utilized spine chiller gameplay which their establishment received it and it is in the showcase and the best shooting match-up since 12 years created by Valve. Csgo has prompted new maps, new faces(players) and many propelled weapons and effectively conveys eager degrees of the primary counter strike content (de_dust, de_villa, and so forth.). ...

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How to play Checkers – Basic Rules

How to play Checkers - Basic Rules

Checkers, in its English version called Draughts, is played on an 8 × 8 board and not 10 × 10 like the similar french Jeu de Dames. It is a very popular game in the Anglo-Saxon world, as popular as Chess, Go or Othello. Of these four games, it was the most likely to lead to a final win against ...

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The Benefits of Leveling Boosting in Call of Duty

Call of duty

Just how Call of Duty Boosting Works When you sign up to use a CoD boosting service, you’ll be appointed your very own ‘Booster’. That individual will then take your account online in order to improve your rank. The time it takes relies on the amount of levels you need to get, however, as an example, a level 1 to ...

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Play High-end games and Low-end Smartphones

Android phones games

The gaming industry is rapidly growing these days. Many console parts are making their ways to the Android platform. Now a days all the games which has been developed has more graphics which results in lagging of these games in low end smartphones hence it is required to upgrade your smartphones with better system requirements. With the rapid advancement in ...

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